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Interview Questions

有些很难的或者很common的interview questions,我在这里做点阐述,不是我的答案就最好,但是我的答案已经是我总结出来的认为很有用的了。

1、Tell me about yourself

不用长篇累牍的,就是1分钟的elevator speech。介绍name, bachelor degree (一般都要说degree名称,拿到的年份和地点,我就说的是Bachelor Degree of Engineering in 2007 from China ),current status (graduate student major in Accounting at *** University), graduation date (about to graduate in the coming ***).

2、 Why do you choose Accounting?

我是工科背景的,自然逃不过换专业的这个问题。我想很多人也跟我一样换过专业,所以请仔细思考你们本科的专业给你们的优势。那我自己而言,我说Engineering build up a very solid background of mathematics for me, as well as problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. 但是,你渐渐发现你对商科感兴趣,而Accounting is the Business Language。

3、Why auditing?

这个是我从Youtube KPMG Channel看来的,他家有很多这样的interview question视频,我觉得非常的好,算他家的一个亮点,我真的从他家学到了不少东西,但是就是跟他家不来电!这题的答案,我一般回答是:The most thing I like about auditing is I can trip around, see different offices, and I am not doing the same work every day! (似乎是视频里面那个男生的答案) 女生的答案我也有抄, Auditing requires you to really work with client, understand what their business is about, and get to know how their business operates, reach personnel at all levels of their firm. 女生答案我一般用不上,基本就答了男生的答案就算了。

4、Why our firm?

这题四大可以套用,I believe that *** has very good training program, great career development opportunities, and strong relationship with your clients. *** also has a lot of award like Best Place to Launch Career, Fortune 100 Companies, Top 10 companies to work from Working Mother…But the most impressive thing is from your people. As I talked to A, B, C, D (pre-interview night要你背的名字,就用在这里!!!) and other people, they are friendly, warm, smart, they are definitely the top talent of the group. (面试官都喜欢听好话,该拍马屁的要拍)然后说你受他们感染,他们都很喜欢这个firm, 很enjoy他们的工作,你希望你也能为这个公司效力!

5、Why should we hire you?

这题答案我在网上搜来的,总结出来的精华。I believe your company is as most companies that are looking for someone who can get things done, solve problems and work well with other people. I believe I am that type of person. For example… (举例子的时间到啦!记得之前要你准备一个大的story么?就用在这里!story摆完了,还顺便可以说,你有哪些哪些亮点!绝对保证把你最讨厌回答的问题变为你的优势!)

6、Where do you see you in 5 years?

准备一个short-term goal,一个long-term goal,然后综合起来说。Short-term goal大家自己想吧,long-term goal,我的回答是,I want to stay in a company that interests me as well as providing great opportunities to improve both my hard and soft skills, and I will ultimately work my way up to the senior leadership position.

7、Strength & Weakness


8、How do you resolve a conflict with a co-worker/team member?

此题答案再次鸣谢我Mock Interview的GNC的面试官,是她给我提供的答案,之前我完全不会答这一题!经过她的提示和修改,我的说法是,I am a very easy-going person, so I haven’t run into such a situation before. But I believe this is not avoidable in the future work. In that case, I would try to grab a cup of coffee with the person outside work. If we could sit and talk, find out where the problem is, that would be great. If not, I will report to the manager and let the manager decide. After all, the company pays us to work, not to fight each other. As an employee, I want to make the greatest contribution and keep myself as efficiency as possible.

9、 Do you like to work on your own or in a team?

这题也要鸣谢我Mock Interview的GNC面试官!还是她帮我想的!!这一题既要强调你有能力干自己的活儿,也要强调,你是个team player。所以我的说法是,I’d say both. I have strong ability to work on my own, but I would also love to work in a team. As a new employee, I have a lot to learn, and working in a group provides me the best opportunity to observe how the experienced staff accomplish their assignment. And I will benefit a lot and grow much faster than figuring out those issues by myself.

Questions to ask

这个其实是很关键的部分,因为Pre-interview Night其实也是变相的问问题,只不过问问题的对象是比较初级中级的staff,而面试则是问manager, senior manager和partner。我在网上浏览若干网页,抄了几十个问题,都是我自认为的精华。但是抄着抄着,我忽然觉得这些问题其实也有分类的,比如有的问题很detail,那么就适合问staff和刚刚升上manager人,而senior manager,不要全部都问很具体的问题,不妨一半detail,一半宏观一点。而针对partner,不用说了,detail的一个都不要问,那些应该是你问他下属的,他现在管的那么高,底下的细节他怎么会知道呢?所以问partner问题要宏观,越宏观越好。但是所有level的人,都可以用一个问题作为开始: How long have you been here? What makes you stay here so long? 如果是在这个公司开始的,可以问what makes you choose this company in the first place? 跳槽来的,问what makes you switch?


1. What do you like most of your work?

2. Can you describe what the training process is like?

3. Can you describe what kind of assignment are you work on now?

4. How many team members in a group?

5. Travel

6. Overtime

7. Flexibility

8. New employee’s role

9. How to get feedback from team member or manager?

10. Special skills needed

11. Tough situation once had in assignment

12. Multi-task at the same time?

13. Balance personal life & work?

14. Management style?

再写针对senior manager和partner的,他们都是比较高level的了,自然对工作管的不会那么细节,所以任何跟细节相关的,请不要问他们,问他们的问题,越宏观越好,上面的那些问题,有些依然可以问的,但是除此之外,还可以问

1. Company’s strength and weakness

2. How does upper mgmt view the role and the importance of this department and this position?

3. Where do you see this company in the next five years?

4. What do you think of the future of this industry?

5. What is your role (manager/partner) in this company?

6. What are the short-term/long-term goals for this department and how does that relate to the company as a whole?

7. New plans about growth?

8. Top three tasks expected for the candidate to perform after being hired?

9. What it takes to be successful in this company?

10. Key challenges the person in this position will face?

11. Describe idea candidate for this position?

Thank you letter & Follow Up

这个是我认为挺大的一个trick,但是是我无意间发现的,收到了意外的效果,觉得很好,所以就如法炮制了。记得,面完,每个拿到名片的人,都要发thank you letter。Thank you letter,自己可以在网上找模板,我summer的时候找了个模板,后来粘贴复制过来,发之前一点点的改,后来发现居然一句话没有用到!全部变成我自己写的东西了!就这样,我无意之间自己形成了一个自己的模板,然后每次发邮件,基本就是微调。Trick就是,你自己用心过写thank you letter会跟模板有出入的,因为你会提到你跟这个面试官交流的内容,这样就specify了,然后最好在thank you letter后面附上3个问题。问题可以从上面那些精华问题里面,挑几个你面试的时候没有问的写上去。这样问问题,有双向的好处。第一,向interviewer表明你真的很感兴趣;第二,可以试探interviewer对你的态度。一般有回复的,绝对是good sign! 发现这个trick,是我跟EY的一面面试官聊的很happy,实在没有时间问问题了,问了2,3个时间就到了,我不甘心,就发邮件问了3个问题,没想到,隔了一天,他居然给我回了个电话!!完全的惊喜和意外!你想人家一个senior manager给你回电话,说明得多重视你啊!后来我尝到甜头了,就如法炮制,给每个面试官都发了3个问题,后来只要我收到email回复的,都有好消息!我后面收过若干manager, senior manager,还有好几个partner的回复!如果你收到回复了,你也就离next step不远了!当然人家回复了,你记得也要再写个简短的Thank you letter回去!这个礼节不能差了!





我跟campus recruiter关系不错,经常没事聊天,平时在办公室呆着的时候也尽量挨着她坐,这样她电话面试,或者跟其他recruiter说话,我多少都耳濡目染一点。

去年我自己申请的时候,四大会要求submit transcript,我很奇怪,为什么我们简历写了GPA他们还会要成绩单。今天特意就这个问题问了recruiter,回答如下:

要成绩单是为了verify一些accounting相关的课程的grade,因为GPA不一定能很真实的反映accounting grade。她举例说,一般GPA 3.7以上的她不会特意去翻成绩单,因为GPA能到这个水平,基本不会有可能有课程低于B;3.5以上的她偶尔看看成绩单;但是基本到最低门槛3.2-3.5之间的,她都会要来成绩单看看。着重看的课程是intermediate accounting和advanced accounting (确实这两门比较难学一点,但是工作中却是用到的最多的)。她举例说,之前有学生GPA 3.3,结果她一看intermediate accounting 考了3次,前2次是D,第3次才是B,然后那个同学就被排除掉了。

在此,我也善意的提醒一下各位要申请四大的同学,请努力学好intermediate accounting和advanced accounting,当然其他accounting的课程也不要放过,因为你的前程就在这几门课上了。另外,四大网站贴出来的需要的材料最好一次性交齐全,宁可多给,也别让recruiter总找你要。有人觉得自己很优秀,如果firm想要我,那自然会有recruiter找我把材料要齐全。殊不知,现在会计门槛也不高,谁都能干,不是说就一定非你不可的。我们recruiter有一次跟我吃午饭聊天就说,本来有一个老美女生吧,她看简历啥的还不错,但是没有成绩单,于是她发邮件要了一次,说把所有成绩单都发给她 (其实她最想看最近的成绩单,也就是研究生课程的)结果那女生回了一封信,付了本科成绩单,然后写道,如果想要研究生成绩单,就再跟她说。我们recruiter看了那女生的回复真是哭笑不得,然后这个女生就被pass了。



绝大部分的同学毕业的时候都很困惑,不知道自己应该选择哪一个方向,是tax还是audit? 我希望大家考虑清楚,因为这一步对你的未来会很关键。


我认为,性格很外向,口语很好,喜欢每天面对客户打交道,喜欢经常出差的人,应该更适合audit。而性格不那么外向,倾向于自己在办公桌前干活,偶尔跟客户见面一次,不太喜欢频繁出差的人,可能更适合于tax。通常来说,audit的job openning会比tax多很多,但是需要注意的是,申请audit的人也通常比申请tax的人多很多。而且,美国人通常更喜欢申请audit,所以申请audit的同学需要跟美国人抢面试的竞争就更激烈。tax虽然相对招聘人数少,但是招聘中国人的比例相对较高。考虑出路的话,audit转型很容易,做internal auditor, general ledger accoutant, financial analyst都可以;tax出路相对比较窄,通常只有工业界有tax accountant, tax manager open的时候才能出去(有一个萝卜一个坑的感觉)。但是tax最大的好处就是,如果你足够厉害,又有自己的CPA证书,开个自己的小firm,接一些小企业报税,个人报税,不要太容易哦。










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